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Jolyne by YoyothePomeranian
I got bored today at school and drew Jolyne?? Boy do I love Jolyne. my beautiful prison wife
More JoJo! by YoyothePomeranian
More JoJo!
Yep, I'm sorry I'm like 100% JoJo trash at this point  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, this is supposed to be what I'd look like if I was in Battle Tendency? I'll color it at some point because it being as complicated as it is, it's a little confusing?

But basically I'm wearing two shirts, a white sleeveless shirt with a high collar and bow and a mesh neckline (with a white hood attached by gold buttons) and over that I'm wearing a low-cut red button down (with tails in the back in the fashion of a tailcoat) with the sleeves rolled up. I also have arm-length black fingerless gloves lmao. The skirt is probably white and the sides are open and tied together I guess. Still debating if I'd have shorts underneath (but probably.) The boots are brown, the belt is probably black, and I haven't decided the colors of the spiked bracelets but they're likely red, white, or black. OHHH yeah and I forgot I'm wearing a red headband that ties at the bottom.

Anyway, like I said, it's complicated and I'll color it, but, yeah. And yes, that yo-yo is my weapon. ;P If Joseph can use clackers and Caesar can use bubbles, then I can use a yo-yo. (like YoyothePomeranian, get it?????)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey I'm Jowee! My about actually lies, I'm 17, haha! Anyway, I used to be really active on dA (posting like...every day or every other day or so) but within the past few years I've actually gotten really busy and not produced art that I feel is worthy of submitting so I've gradually become less active unfortunately. :( I don't intend to close my account, however! But if you watch me, don't be surprised when I only submit every few months or so.

In addition, my account used to be predominately fanart, and while I still have some in my gallery and scraps, I don't do fanart anymore really (I've done some for Lord of the Flies recently, but that's it.) Most of it is original and pertains to one of the 3 stories I'm working on: East, The Time Capsule, and Young Blood.

That being said, I hope you can still appreciate my art and enjoy the time you spend here! :)

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Alright so, while the issues I was talking about last time didn't get sorted out, it's okay because I've gone about fixing them another way and so far, so good! I've got a lot more free time now (mostly on weekends, since school) so I should be actually posting things sometimes! I'm not sure what kinds of things yet though because while I have more free time, I've been kind of lazy with drawing. I just wanted to update my journal entry because it seemed pretty sad and anxious and well, I mean at the time I was, but I'm not anymore so I didn't want to give off the wrong idea!

Life is good right now! I'm really excited!

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